Thursday, 13 April 2017

Closing stages of the build and refurbishment of Tilliks Cottage

The New Conservatory exterior rendered and painted with white masonry paint, 2 coats.

A Side view showing the prepared foot path in front of the conservatory, the paths will have blonde gravel and paving slaps will be positioned outside the double doors.

A View from the East showing the extension and the double doors, the immediate area outside the double doors will have an all weather  graveled area.

The rear of Tilicks showing the refurbished lean to and the heat pump air source fan.

Interior view of the enlarged Kitchen showing most of the walls covered with plaster board. Also we have installed a glass block window in the far corner which lets more light into the room.

The Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump enclosure with most of the components installed.

The downstairs toilet with a wet room shower base installed in the corner.

A view of the sliding doors of the new sitting room.

The Main bathroom partially completed.

The En Suite bathroom partially completed.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Conservatory framework erected waiting for double glazed Glass

side view showing what will be the new front door via the Conservatory

South East View showing new Consrvatory

South West View

west view showing new conservatory

Friday, 10 February 2017

Main Roof completed, Weather Vane and Internal stud walls

Rear view of Tillicks Cottage showing the completed Roof and new Weather Vane

A Detailed Shot of the Weather Vane, we decided that the Cottage Looked rather lost without a Chimney so we have replaced it with a weather vane mounted on a Tower. The Weather Vane has a Jack Russell Terrier standing proud on top of the wind direction arrow, a perfect choice made by Christy Page-Turner who has had Jack Russell Terriers here at Woodhayes Farm since 1961.

A View of Tillicks Cottage taken from the South East, showing the completed roof, weather vane and newly installed double glazed windows.

Studwork walls showing the main bathroom to the left and the ensuite bathroom to the right.

A stack of Insulation wool ready to be placed into the rafters.

Another view of the main bathroom from the ensuite bathroom.

View from the Entrance into the main bathroom.

Large spare room.

Large and Small spare rooms in the new extension.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Roof and Windows

Double glazed Windows are now being installed, roof trusses were delivered today and they are now being erected , fortunately no wind just light drizzle.

Another view showing roof truss erection.

Work on roof fro the South west also showing newly installed double glazed windows.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

January 2017 Progress report for Tillicks Cottage Woodhayes Farm

A Lot has been achieved in just a few days of  January 2017,  the foundations and concrete base for the new conservatory has been put in place and the stud work for the first floor bedrooms and bathrooms has been installed.

New Base for the Conservatory

A View from the North East

A View from the East showing the Conservatory Base and progress on the left hand extension.

A View of the New Conservatory Base from the enlarged sitting Room.

Stud work showing the first floor corridor from the new extension past the enlarged bedroom and onto the master bedroom (blue paint).

Studwork of the main bathroom and ensuite to the master bedroom, view from the master bedroom

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Aerial View of Woodhayes in Winter

We would like to share this aerial footage of Woodhayes taken by Mike Evans  who was staying over the festive period at the Orchard Barn with his family, this is Mikes first attempt, so not bad at all, we will be looking at more footage of the farm in the summer months: