Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Installation of exterior wall panels.

Installation of exterior wall panels.

The exterior wall panels came in approximately 44 sections, they were manufactured in south wales and delivered to us by articulated lorry.We had to unload the articulated lorry from a near by lay by using a tractor and trailer kindly lent to us by Wilfred Tratt our neighbour. The panels went up very quickly, they were all up within a week. Small adjustments had to be made.

This view is looking West to the gallery at the end.

The wooden panels are lined with a vapour blanket which deals with any condensation
that might arise.

This view is taken from the South West showing all the panels in situ and highlighting the layout of the windows.

The cladding is attached to battens. The cladding is pressure treated Douglas Fir, the panels are approximately 12 inches wide. This is a view looking towards the air source heat pump shed.

Another view taken from the South west but showing the basement to the far left of the building.

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