Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Metal Detector Finds at Woodhayes

We had Scott and his son from Bristol sweep some fields one weekend in August and these are some of the finds they have come up with over 4 hours detecting. Scott cleaned up the items and they are as follows :

Large buckle probably a horse strap ,
Other buckle belt 1600 ,
Two fantastic thimbles , one  pewter,  the smaller one is  brass
Iron wedge,
Chest of draws handle,
Musket ball,
Spur buckle or a small shoe buckle 1600-1700 ,
1935 six pence,
Flat button with initials of cs on it

We hope to see Scott and his son back here again soon and we will update you with his finds.

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  1. As we're close to the old Honiton Pottery, we keep turning up broken pots, mostly of the older brown earthenware kind. We've never used a metal detector.