Tuesday, 2 April 2013

"Battlesden Copse", a new Broad Leaf Copse for Woodhayes Farm

This track was created late last year to enable access to Crown All Wood. This will enable timber wagons to move timber from the ancient woodland without disrupting farming on the lower park fields. The Track is on a steep gradient and will have a 9ft Deer gate either end. 

This shot shows a bundle of lime tree saplings which we planted out over the Easter weekend. Brian Clapp helped me to plant 400 tree saplings, including 80 Acer, 40 saplings from each of the following varieties :  Silver Birch, Small Leaved Lime and Rowan, 15 Hazel, Blackthorn and Dogwood and 155 European Oak. All purchased from Perrie Hale Forest Nursery just outside Honiton. It was appropriate that Brian helped plant these trees as he helped to Plant Knappy Woodlands with his father approximately 43 years ago ! Now a semi mature Woodland.

Some of the items required, including spiral plastic rabbit guards !

Tree saplings planted showing canes, clear spiral rabbit guards and a portion of turf removed to allow for watering and the removal of competing weeds. We will weed kill approximately 1 meter radius around the sapling, this will allow the sapling to grow 3 times quicker.

A view showing more of the saplings planted out and spaced approximately 2.5 meters apart we have fenced the perimeter with a 9ft deer fence which was erected by Andrew Tuckers team from Luppitt.

Andrew Tuckers team erecting the 9ft high Deer gate at the new entrance to the copse. According to the www.carbonfootprint.com web site each tree will absorb 1 tonne of carbon dioxide during its lifetime, so our copse will certainly help to reduce the Woodhayes carbon footprint by 400 tonnes over 100 years !

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