Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Timber Frame Walls to be erected and final roofing installed.

Scaffolding is erected on the south side to help the roofers install the curved roof. The curved roof comes in 3 parts. The metal liner is installed first, followed by metal spacers and insulation finally the exterior curved sheet is installed to complete the roofing.

This shot shows the timber framed wall panels which will be installed to form the basis of the new walls. The Timber framed walls were manufactured by JSI Timber frames by Nathen's team in Milford Haven and designed by Andy best from www.studs.org.uk in Trowbridge.  This 12 wheel articulated lorry delivered to a large Lay-by just north of Monkton, 1 mile from Woodhayes. We loaded the timber frames on to a tractor and trailer so that we could transport to Woodhayes. The Articulated Lorry would not have reached the site due to the narrow East Devon Lanes.

This shot shows the 6 x 2 inch capping plates which will be installed above the steel I beams to take the lower end of the curved roof and tie in the new timber framed walls. Bellow the 6 x 2 timber is half of the Douglas Fir cladding which will be applied to the exterior of the building.

This is a shot of the curved roof components including the insulation which will be sandwiched between the lower steel liner and the exterior steel curved roof.


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