Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The redevelopment of Tillicks Cottage

Tillicks Cottage is a labourers cottage at Woodhayes Farm. It was built in 1957 in blockwork with a 50 mm cavity wall and concrete floors. We decided that it was time to update the cottage, make it larger so that it can house a small family and make it more energy efficient. we will be adding an extension in order to add an extra bedroom and have a larger sitting room. The Kitchen will also be enlarged and a new conservatory will be added. The House will also benefit from an air source heat pump with underfloor heating and an enlarged garden.

View of Tillicks Cottage earlier this Summer before work started

The new Ha Ha,  we have placed all the top soil and sub soil from the newly excavated areas in front of the cottage to make a new Ha Ha, this will give the cottage more garden space which will give a small family an area for recreation and out door space.

Another view of the Ha Ha , showing a heap of top soil which will be leveled at a later stage to go around the front of the house. The sub soil from the footings along with any rubble from the dismantled walls will be placed around the house and in a new soak away created to the left of the cottage.   

Dismantling some more walls. 

Part of the Kitchen Chimney and fire place is beginning to be dismantled, the wall is next to go allowing more space in the Kitchen.

Leveling part of the new Ha Ha , photo taken from upstairs.

Making space for the new extension.

The New Ha Ha leveled and ready for top soil , once the footings have been put in and walls are up.

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