Thursday, 6 June 2013

Underfloor Heating and Screed

Underfloor Heating and Screed

This is a view of a section of Celotex insulation sheets, they are aprox  100mm thick , on top of this a layer of black plastic sheeting is applied before the underfloor heating pipes are applied.

This section shows the underfloor heating pipe applied to the surface, the pipes are secured by plastic staples. You can see that there is approximately  200mm of space between each pipe. 

This view shows all the zonal pipes coming back to the manifold.

This image shows the manifold , all the zonal pipes meet at this junction, the manifold is then connected the the air source heat pump and the expansion vessels.

Another view showing the under floor pipe layout.

This shot shows the metal leveling instruments positioned with the aid of an infra red surveyors level. The screed will be poured until it meets the underside of the adjustable screw of each tripod. this will enable the screed to be poured and an even level will be achieved throughout the ground floor area.

This shot shows the ducting for the IT and electrics for the main open plan office.

The Screed arrives. Lorries arrive within 10 mins of each other from a depot outside Dorchester.

The Screed is poured in to a trough which has a pump attached on the underside, any over sized particles can be removed by using a mesh above the trough.

The Screed is poured, more is required in this zone  !

The main ground floor office being filled.

Screed is directed through a large hose pipe so all areas are covered and a large leveler is used to make sure
the screed is evenly spread.

This shot shows the screed set the next day. A white colour as this jagged edged sand comes from a sand quarry in Dorset, as opposed to a pink colour that you will find with screed processed from Devon quarries, notably Rockbeare.

A shot showing the floor in the gallery. The Screed will be sanded in 2 weeks time to remove any uneven areas and to provide a finish for the final floor application, in this case engineered wood flooring 14 mm .

A view of the ground floor  open plan office.