Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Air Source Heat Pump and First Fix Wiring

Air Source Heat Pump and First Fix Wiring.

This is a view of the Air Source Heat Pump enclosure, it shows the rear of the refrigeration unit with fan to take in the air. The water tank that heats the coiled pipe. The coiled pipe is heated in the large tank, the clycol filled plastic piping then carries the heat into the underfloor piping throughout the ground floor. South West Energy supplied the Danfoss heat pump and underfloor heating, they are based in Plymouth and Bristol.

Another view of the exterior of the Danfoss Heat pump.

This view shows the Danfoss control unit and the manifold
which distributes the heat to the various zones.

An example of the first fix wiring, consisting of  electrics, emergency lighting , burglar alarm, fire alarm and It networking.

Another view showing the first fix cables.