Friday, 9 August 2013

Plaster Board, Plaster and Suspended Ceiling

Plaster Board , Plastering and Suspended Ceiling.

We are now in the closing stages of the project where everything will speed up and before you know it,  we will have a completion certificate. We are currently concentrating on the offices so the NFU Mutual can move in to the offices in  mid to late September.Once the offices have been completed we will then finish off the art gallery space.

Toilet Block comprising of 3 toilets one of which is a disabled Toilet.

Ground Floor Interview Room ready for the suspended ceiling, having been plastered and painted.

Reception hall ready to be plastered.

Ground Floor open plan office ready to be plastered.

Another view of the ground floor open plan office, showing part of the floor ducting in the foreground.

An Application of fresh plaster in one of the first floor executive offices.

Another view.

Bags of plaster waiting to be used.

Painted first floor executive office.

Suspended ceiling installed with blank tiles removed ready for the lighting panels.

Another view of the suspended ceiling panels in the first floor executive office.