Thursday, 13 November 2014

Water Pipe laying update

We have decided to upgrade the water pipe here at Woodhayes, the previous pipe was installed in the 1950's, this was a metal pipe which has been prone to leaks due to rust. So we have now installed 800 meters of 32 mm pipe.

You can see the path of the trench here, we have Reg Dyer from Yarcombe doing the work with a large tracked digger. Top soil is removed first and placed in the outer area and then clay is dug and placed nearer the trench, this allows the digger to back fill leaving top soil to go on last.

This photo shows a length of the black 60 mm diameter coil  which covers the 32 mm water pipe, the small length of soil pipe covers the connection junction which joins the two lengths of 32 mm water pipe.

This picture shows the trench set 5 meters from the oak tree so that we  did not damage the root system. The pipe laying was quite a task especially connecting the junctions with high pressure. The pressure is now twice what it was before which suggests there were leaks elsewhere, so we are now relieved that the new pipe is in place.

This shows another section of the coiled pipe and a small section showing a join.