Friday, 10 February 2017

Main Roof completed, Weather Vane and Internal stud walls

Rear view of Tillicks Cottage showing the completed Roof and new Weather Vane

A Detailed Shot of the Weather Vane, we decided that the Cottage Looked rather lost without a Chimney so we have replaced it with a weather vane mounted on a Tower. The Weather Vane has a Jack Russell Terrier standing proud on top of the wind direction arrow, a perfect choice made by Christy Page-Turner who has had Jack Russell Terriers here at Woodhayes Farm since 1961.

A View of Tillicks Cottage taken from the South East, showing the completed roof, weather vane and newly installed double glazed windows.

Studwork walls showing the main bathroom to the left and the ensuite bathroom to the right.

A stack of Insulation wool ready to be placed into the rafters.

Another view of the main bathroom from the ensuite bathroom.

View from the Entrance into the main bathroom.

Large spare room.

Large and Small spare rooms in the new extension.

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